From Wedding Planner to Wedding Guest

Hey guys! Julie here. I was able to attend a wedding as guest recently – first time in probably a year or maybe even two! It was SO nice to be able to dress cute and wear heels to a wedding! I loved going with my hubby and getting to experience what guests do…I had forgotten what it’s like to be one. It was nice seeing how other people set things up, decorate tables and run the evening.

But one thing I did come away with was a renewed passion that every bride should have at the very least, a personal day of/month of wedding planner. Venue coordinators are great, but not the same (check out the differences here). If you can swing it, go for a Full Service package with a planner. After working closely with you guys they’ll know you really well and can handle things that arise in keeping with what you two and your guests would like best (not to mention all the stress and workload they will take off of you during the planning process). The flow of the night for your guests is something very detailed and intricate yet very fluid. Although we create a timeline that is very detailed, once you finish the ceremony everything runs off of your guests. What are they doing; how are they acting; how long was cocktail hour (did pictures run over so cocktails were extra lengthy); what time was the ceremony – did guests eat before they came or are they super hungry and ready to eat); is it a laid back crowd or toe tappers who are always ready for the next “thing” to happen? We always work off of THEM! While this is extremely hard to do (because of course we are factoring in when the kitchen is ready to serve, is the photographer in the bathroom, does the DJ have the correct songs cued, etc), it gives your guests the very best experience at your wedding. While the wedding is all about the bride and groom coming together and pledging their lives to one another, your family and friends are there to celebrate WITH you. They have given up several hours of their weekend to be there with YOU! Please, PLEASE make it comfortable and pleasant for them! Feed them in a timely manner, entertain them when necessary and appropriate, don’t serve them cake at the same time the DJ asks them all out on the dance floor. Just in case our sweet friends whose wedding we attended are reading this, all these things did not happen at your wedding! It just got me thinking about how important it is to have someone on your side from the beginning, that YOU are paying – so you’re the boss, not the venue paying our fee and us answering to them. You will be much more relaxed but just as importantly, your guests will come away raving about your wedding and what a great time they had and how smooth and perfect everything was! Don’t spend all that money and then just leave it all to babysit itself the day of and hope it goes like you told everyone you wanted it to go!

And with that, I’ll get off my soapbox! Did you have an experience – good or bad – at a wedding you’d like to share with us? Leave your comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    As a wedding planner myself, I can say this with gusto: “AMEN!” I love this blog post! My husband’s best friend was getting married, his bride was a venue coordinator at a golf course for a few years so she told me months out “I want you here as a guest, not working. I can handle all of this!” Well, things were so chaotic at the rehearsal she broke down in tears and begged me to step in to help. I ended up “working” the entire rehearsal and the next day at the wedding, making sure everything went off without a hitch! (well, ok, we had one hitch! -wedding humor). I’ve also been at weddings where the venue coordinator sat in a corner all night and played on her phone. Literally all night. The DJ didn’t step up to “run” the reception, and the photographer was just waiting for someone to tell him what to do next. So it was just a long night if people just kind of wandering around. There was no flow. So, to reiterate what Julie said: “Hire a planner!!”


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